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MBS Libraries FCPX 101 more

Time for another instalment from Steve and Mark on how to use Libraries in Final Cut Pro X. Watch out for one super tip that will make the opening of FCPX Libraries quicker.

MBS Media events

The 10.1 update to FCPX brought many improvements, the introduction of Libraries changed the way media is organised. Steve and Mark take a look at the range of options when importing media.

MBS Libraries FCPX

The first in a series of tutorial videos about the FCPX 10.1 updates, we kick off with a look at Libraries and how they have changed the way media is organised.

fcpx shared environment

FCP.co contributor Alex Snelling has been busy of the last few months: He's been exploring collaborative workflows with the new Final Cut Pro 10.1 update. He's written a comprehensive free document that will help all editors who share their edits.

Ripple update

Mark Spencer and Steve Martin have put together this very comprehensive 4000 word article on what is new in Final Cut Pro 10.1. Lots to read, lots to learn in this feature packed free upgrade. A must read for FCPX editors.

Hodgetts update

Philip Hodgetts has put together this article on how to upgrade FCPX 10.9 Projects and Events to the new version, 10.1. He knows his stuff and now that Event Manager is free, it makes updating even easier.

MBS burning DVD

Sounds like an oxymoron, but it's perfectly possible. When we say Steve goes deep into FCPX this week, we mean it! He discovers embedded apps, one of which will burn DVDs all day long.

in the socks fcpx pdf

Martin Gosset has emailed us to say that his interactive PDF about FCPX (written in French) has been updated. Many more pages, tips, a reference and of course that new name.

masks fcpx mbs

Another week of hitting the update button without joy means we have room for another MacBreak Studio. This time it's back to FCPX and we explore how to use shape masks.

Tracktor Kontrol X1 FCPX

Another way to operate FCPX without having to resort to the keyboard. Huibert van Egmond sent us details on how he operates Final Cut Pro X with a Traktor Kontrol X1.

macbreak studio andy neil

If there was such thing as a #FreeTutorialTuesday, it would be today. Not only do we the have latest episode of MacBreak Studio, we also have more free Final Cut Pro X and Motion tutorials from Andy Neil. Turn the Gaggia on!

macbreak compressor

A bit later in the week due to a few technical problems, this episode answers a question we hear often: Do I need to buy Compressor if I can export directly out of FCPX?

free fcpx tutorials

We can only guess at the success of FCPX as we don't have any statistics on the number of copies that Apple has sold. Judging by the number of free tutorials posted online however, there's a rapidly growing user base out there.