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ripple tutorial updte 21 oct

It's a Tuesday, so its time for a roundup of the set of tutorials from Ripple Training. No Steve in this week's Macbreak Studio, Mike Matzdorff is the guest.

Seeing as Steve has been part of every MacBreak Studio for over two years, we think he's allowed a week off. In his place is Mike Matzdorff who was the first assistant editor on the yet unreleased feature film Focus.

With host Mark Spencer, he talks about the tools he used that helped when editing the film. 


Mark returns on his own showing us how to create some evil text for your next zombie movie.


Did you know there was a clickable built in parametric EQ control in the Match EQ function? No, neither did we, but luckily Steve Martin's new 5 minute FCPX class shows us how to use it when matching voice recorded on different microphones.