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ripple tutorial updte 3 sept

Time to catch up with this week's set of Ripple tutorials. An extra lesson on media managing, text in video and how to track a person in Motion.

Using proxy media in FCPX is a very clever way of reducing the processing power that a Mac has to perform to for playback. This might not be important to you if you are cutting straight 1080, but going for larger resolutions and transcoding proxies means you can carry on cutting without frame dropping or having to have large drives attached.

But what if you want to take just the proxies away for editing away from your main machine or drive?

In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin the different workflow solutions to moving proxy media to another location. 

Very handy tricks, but we feel that Apple could improve on proxy media handling by building in a command to copy an entire event or even a library to a new location at proxy level. This would also fix the issue of not taking over non-video based items such as music.

 The Media Management (3rd edition) tutorial that the guys talk about can be found here.



In this weeks episode of Motion Magic, Mark explains how to track a person.


Finally, back to Steve who shows us how to put video into text in FCPX. That behind command is very clever.