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ripple tutorial updte sept 18

This week's Ripple trio of tutorials (or should that be triple Ripple!) will show you a very handy assignable shortcut, how to replace a sign in Motion and the trick to getting silky smooth slow motion in FCPX.

You would have thought that there would be an easy way to toggle the colour correction on and off on a clip in FCPX. There isn't, you have to navigate back in the inspector from the colour board and hit the little blue box. You can however program a shortcut to an unused key combination and that's exactly what Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin in this week's episode of MacBreak Studio.

If you would like to know more about colour correction, Mark's full colour correction tutorial can be found on the Ripple website.



Want to replace a sign in a shot? Mark shows us how to track an object in Motion and replace it with another.


 Finally, Steve Martin is back on his own showing how to make those slow motion clips run silky smooth.