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macbreak fcpx sliceX

In this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, the tracking masking tool Slice X from Coremelt is demonstrated. See how easy it is to selectively colour correct a moving object.

garber FCPX workflow

If you missed Michael Garber's Final Cut Pro X demos at NAB this month, don't worry. He's just published his multicam broadcast workflow online for everybody to pickup tips from.

macbreak studio find replace fcpx

A new episode of MacBreak Studio for a Tuesday and this week the guys take a look at editing Final Cut Pro X Titles using the Timeline Index and Find & Replace.

magic feather 8 9 fcpx tutorial

We are back from the Easter Break and back to the Final Cut Pro X news. Just before we packed up for the break, John Davidson from Magic Feather told us he has published a new FCPX On-Air tutorial and the finished edit.

MBS timeline index fcpx

There are many Final Cut Pro X editors out there who have never even opened up the Timeline Index. Steve Martin And Mark Spencer take a look at what it is and what exactly it does.

macbreak studio keframes fcpx

It might be NAB week, but the MacBreak Studio tutorials keep on coming. In this new episode the boys take a look at keyframes in Final Cut Pro X. (And Steve sticks his tongue out!)

Cantemo Portal libraries


Cantemo Portal is the Apple preferred Digital Asset Management tool for use with FCPX. Jonathan Eric Tyrrell takes a look at how the DAM handles Final Cut Pro X libraries.

macbreak studio fcpx multicam audio

We have talked about multicam editing in FCPX many times here on FCP.co, but what about the audio? In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, that's exactly what the boys concentrate on this week.

fcpx 30 mins or less

You will be seeing a lot of this video on social media over the next few days. Called 'Learn how to use Final Cut Pro X in 30 mins or less' it aims to do exactly that. Please excuse the exclamation mark on the headline, but we thought it was worth it.

macbreak studio archiving tip

A new episode of MacBreak Studio and this week we have an updated way to copy a Library without taking optimised and proxy media over.

MBS camera archives FCPX

A new episode of MacBreak Studio and this week the boys are looking at Mark's favourite subject: Camera Archives. You might laugh, but making archives might just save your bacon one day.

macbreak backup fcpx

Backups, not the most glamorous of subjects, but an important one. You'll never know how important keeping a backup is until you need it. Good job we have Steve and Mark on the team to tells us more.

MBS audition tricks

More from the Ripple guys today (Where do they find the time?) It's Tuesday, so it's MacBreak Studio time and in this new episode, Steve and Mark take a look at using Auditions.