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ripple tutorial updte 14 oct

In this week's trio of tutorials from Ripple Training, the guys look at custom titles from Motion, how to make bats swarm and also a quick basic 'how to' on timelapses in Final Cut Pro X.

We back up Mark's comment saying that all FCPX editors should get to know how to build effects in Motion. However, there are many, many titles and effects that are set to appear in FCPX that you can use without ever having to open Motion up.

In this week's MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer explores these titles and shows how to open them up in Motion and then publish them again for use in Final Cut Pro X

If you would like to know more about effects, check out Mark's Motion 5 Rigging and Publishing tutorial on the Ripple Training website.



Mark returns for a very seasonal five minutes on how to build a swarm of bats.


Finally, Steve is back on his own showing us the basics of building a timelapse in FCPX.