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ripple colour-correction 

With the risk of this week's posts becoming slightly 'Rippletastic' we can announce that they have just released a new set of colour correcting tutorials. Thers's a money off coupon until Friday too.

The Ripple guys are busy, not content with outputting three free tutorials a week, they also constantly publish new sets of tutorials and update old  ones.

New this week is a set of tutorials from Mark Spencer on colour correction. Called Colour Correction in Final Cut Pro X, this set of tutorials is priced at $59.00 for the iTunes version, but by using the code CC25, you can get 25% off until this Friday the 29th of August.

Mark starts off with a good introduction to colour theory, works his way through basic correction, how to use the colour board, using the waveform and vectorscopes, right through to more advanced items such as creating looks.

There are many, many colour correction plugins out there that report to fix things or create special effects, maybe that money would be better spent on these tutorials getting to know the colour correction abilities of FCPX inside out.

Ripple have posted some sample videos from the course:

How to do a manual white balance. 


Working with shortcuts.


Colour matching


Creating a  'Day for night look.'


Colour theory.


Applying a graduating filter look.