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VOD FCPX tutorial german

The majority of training for FCPX is in English, so when good quality instructional video or publications come along we like to feature them. This time it's a VOD course in German from Robin S Kurz. We also have a discount code available for the first 15 takers.

Ok, we will admit it, we are very lazy being English speakers and as the language of computers and film is predominantly English, we get lots of tutorials.

Robin S Kurz has got in touch to tell us that he's just updated his video on demand course which is in German. Hosted on Vimeo, you can either buy the whole course for $79.95, or in individual bit sized pieces for $1.99 each.

Robin has very kindly offered a discount to the first 15 FCP.co readers that purchase the entire course. Just enter the code FCPCO15 and that will give you 15% off, but when they are gone, they are gone!


As our knowledge of German extends to a couple of years of secondary school learning, Robin also very kindly provided a translation of the course's introduction:

"In this follow-up training of his best-selling and highly praised german language Final Cut Pro X DVD training for the version 10.0, Robin S. Kurz, himself professional editor and certified trainer, teaches you in over 50 chapters and more than 11 hours everything you need to know about Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.3! The journey starts with the basics, the installation of Final Cut Pro and leads through every imaginable facet, feature, keyboard shortcut and function, all the way to the export of your project.
Amongst all that, you also learn various editing techniques and tips and tricks that are designed to not only make the entry-level and switching editor’s work fast, fun and easy, but also that of the hardened professional. In a way that in the end you’re able to concentrate on your actual job: storytelling!
Without wasting too much time on laborious technical details that digital editing can bring with it, you not only learn how to correctly and efficiently import your material and organize it with the brilliant new media management, but also learn what little surprises are hidden under Final Cut Pro X’s hood. Topics such as keyword collections, trimming, auditions, retiming, audio and music editing, transformation, animation, color-correction, transitions, effects, connected clips, secondary story lines and much much more obviously can’t be missed! And as a little extra, I also introduce you to the power of Compressor and explain when and how it can be useful for you and your production, especially in the context of FCP X.

With all this new found knowledge and helpful techniques, you are sure to be left with very few question unanswered, if any at all!"
Robin has been busy as he also has an hour long lesson on multicam editing in FCPX available for $19.99.



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