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nov tut0rail roundup

Scary eyes, real estate promotion, pack replacement and Larry Jordan. What do they all have in common? They all feature in this roundup of FCPX tutorials. Some basic, some advanced, they are all worth a watch.

The user base of Final Cut Pro X keeps growing, so does the number of tutorials that get posted to the video sharing sites! A clutch of six in this roundup ranging from a set on tracking, FCPX functionality and a couple from Larry.

We start with the first of a set that look at using Coremelt's tracking plugin TrackX. The first is from Rampant Media and shows how create glowing eyes. The video also uses elements from their Monster Toolkit. Track X has a free 14 day trial and there are also free elements in the toolkit for you to have a go at this or a similar effect. 


Coremelt has published two new tutorials themselves. The first is how to add text to a moving video, like a pan around a room that you would see in a real estate agent video. Or for the film geek, Fight Club and Ikea furniture.


Want to replace a product in a shot, improve a lable on a product or just blur out a logo? In this tutorial, TrackX gets used to do exactly that.


On to a new tutorial from Ben Consoli via Premiumbeat. Ben shows us how to make, use and manage Compound Clips in FCPX.


What set of tutorials wouldn't be complete without a few tips from the FCP guru Larry Jordan. His blue sky tutorials are the purist you'll find :)

Both are excerpts from his webinar on Audio in Final Cut Pro X, the first looks at creating splits edits.


Lastly in the roundup is Larry showing us how to work with multichannel audio.



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