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ripple tutorial updte 28 oct

In this weeks trio of Ripple tutorials we have Bill Davis as a guest talking about ratings and favourites. Mark also shows us how to build a falling leaf transition in Motion and we have an appearance by a dubstepping grape in a chromakey tutorial.

So Steve Martin takes another week off MacBreak Studio, we hope he has a note from his Mum when he returns! Taking up his place is Bill Davis who dives directly into a tutorial about keywording and rating.

Rating is an area that many editors don't go to, so it's a good to see Bill going right back to basics with some good examples of when to reject and when to favourite. One point we would make is that we don't tend to JKL in the browser as we find skimming and dragging out ranges a lot quicker. It also goes to show that there are many different ways to achieve the same result in FCPX


Still in a seasonal mood from last week, but this time weather themed as opposed to Halloween, Mark shows us how to build this Fall transition. Or Autumn if you are east of the pond.


Finally, Steve does return to give us a quick five minute lesson on using the chromakeyer in FCPX. Also the first and last time you will hear the phrase 'Dubstepping grape' in a tutorial.