A new Apple Motion tutorial from Simon Ubsdell, this time it is all about raindrops on the ground.

In this tutorial, Simon Ubsdell shows how to reveal a logo using colourful animating lines.

In this new tutorial from Simple Video Making, the stick figure goes swimming!

Jenn is back on a mission to update Apple's Motion text behaviours!

Another excellent Motion tutorial from Simon Ubsdell, this time he's terraforming!

The Apple Motion Behavior Challenge is back, this time it's a duel!

An odd Youtube video posted by Simon Ubsdell led us to this great three part Apple Motion tutorial.

Learn how to build a Perspective Reflection plugin for Final Cut Pro and download the free plugin if you don't fancy following along in Motion!

Jenn Jager has a couple of dips into the Apple Motion behaviour suggestion jar to choose her next tutorial!

Let's start of 2022 with an animating rabbit in Apple's Motion!