Everyone’s favourite mad genius Chris Hocking has been hard at work recently, and if you ever work with Blackmagic footage, you’re in for a treat. Two new complementary tools will now allow you to work with BRAW footage natively on the Final Cut Pro timeline, without transcoding, and also to stabilise that footage using gyro data from the camera itself.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a fan of Final Cut Pro. And while new features have been added this year (tracking changes, voice isolation) there have been no revolutionary changes to how the app works. If you learned how to use the app last year, you don’t need to re-learn it this year, and it doesn’t look like much has changed. So… does it matter that there hasn’t been a great deal of visible progress? It’s complicated, so let’s dig in.

I didn’t expect this to work, but wow, it does. Genius.

Final Cut Pro is fast, but you can probably still work faster. While there are many, many shortcuts to learn, I’ve found that the best shortcuts are the ones you can hit with a single hand, and ideally, with a single key, without any modifiers at all.

Iain Anderson looks at script-based workflows and how third-party tools can help in Final Cut Pro.

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You might have noticed that back in June the article posting on FCP.co slowed right down to a stop. It had been slowing down for a few months, but Ronny’s article about the Watchtower of China has been topping the page for a fair few months. So what happened?