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macbreak studio multican split

Following on from yesterday's very popular debate about feature requests for FCPX, we publish the other two videos in Ripple's weekly set.

Back from trying to plot the roadmap of Final Cut Pro X into the future, Steve Martin returns with Mark Spencer for this week's MacBreak Studio. In this new episode, Steve shows us a way to make a multicam composite onscreen.

Before you jump in and say why don't you just resize clips in the inspector in the multicam clip rather than stacking up multiclips, remember that only one angle is visible at a time in a multi clip.

Yes we went down that though process too, could that be possible with a synchronised clip?

As always, don't forget that Steve and Mark have a great set of tutorials for Final Cut Pro X and Motion (from beginner to advanced) over on the Ripple Training website.



Mark is back with his own series Motion Magic in Under Five Minutes and this time he shows us how to blur a moving logo and licence plate.