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Want to know more about the state of each of the NLEs in the industry? This forty minute panel discussion with some of the top industry commentators is well worth a watch. 

Final Cut Pro X Plugin Mega Bundle

We always like to help the smaller plugin producer and this is no exception. Trevor Davies or as you might know him better, VFX Nut has a bumper pack of plugins on offer.

Technology is moving fast, so fast that a French company has built a complete 'shoot, edit and send' newsgathering app for the iPhone. Send the finished story from location, or send the bits back to base to open up in FCPX for finishing.

By now, we are sure you are familiar with Bradley Olsen's documentary about FCPX called 'Off the Tracks.' Now is your opportunity to help get this film finished by contributing to his Kickstarter campaign. And yes, there are T Shirts!

It has been a long six years from that day in June 2011 when everybody opened up FCPX for the first time. Many updates, over 2,000,000 seats sold and a growing ecosystem later, things have changed. A lot.

It's a quiet time for the FCPX community, so an ideal time to give a small plugin developer a bit of help. A new pack of Lens Filters from Jon Belew with a discount for FCP.co readers.

How close can you edit video to it being captured? The answer is about five seconds from live using Softron's MovieRecorder software. Pierre Chevalier edits his own presentation on FCPX whilst giving the presentation. Get your head around that!

Major 1.8 update to KeyFlow Pro enhances collaborative workflow in Final Cut Pro X

KeyFlow Pro 1.8 has just been released. Ryan Velin and Mads Larsen Nielsen from Metronome Productions in Denmark give us a first look at the update which includes the FCPX collaborative workflows by dragging and dropping. 

The last few World Wide Developers Conferences have been a bit 'meh'. Not so for today's 2017 conference from San Jose. A new macOS, Kaby Lake updates to the MacBook lineup, talk of an FCPX update and of course the announcement of the awesome new iMac Pro. 

We have the next in the series of presentations from the Faster Together stage at NAB 2017 and this time it is about the helpful media management tool, Kyno.

As top tens are always popular here on FCP.co, we decided to put together a 'cardinal listicle' for the best applications that work with Final Cut Pro X.

Ever wondered what it takes to make a weekly web series? Steve Martin at the Faster Together Stage at NAB 2017 takes us through the recording and post production of MacBreak Studio. (On FCPX of course.)

Andrew McKay very kindly got in touch to tell us about a vey handy free application from Studio Network Solutions. It converts a 'Managed Library" with media stored inside the bundle into a Library with all the media stored externally. A page to bookmark!