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A few lucky individuals have had the opportunity to test out the new iMac Pro before the official launch. Vloggers Marques Brownlee and Jonathan Morrison give their first impressions of the fastest Mac ever built.

It's nice to follow up our collection of free tutorials with the news of a new Final Cut Pro X training course. Jason Cox has announced five and a half hours of FCPX training on Pluralsight

AC/DC, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams, Metallica, David Gilmour, Duran Duran, Placebo, Dixie Chicks, Zipperface, Beyoncé, Björk… You name them, James Tonkin has worked with them. In this extensive interview, he talks about the gear he takes on the road to shoot and edit concerts of the world’s greatest bands, and about his new high-end post house in London. A good read for anyone who is interested in camera gear and post production technology.

Near-live broadcast editing is one of the craziest jobs in our business. You constantly work under high pressure, ingesting, organizing, editing and finishing you program while the event is still going on. And your edit needs to be ready to air as quickly as possible while you have to comply with the highest quality standards. This requires a well-oiled team of very experienced people using hardware and software that is both fast and absolutely reliable. Because there are no excuses.

The new color tools in the coming FCP X update look very impressive. They will undoubtedly incite more people to stay right within FCP X from start to finish. But they will also offer new opportunities for third-part developers to add extra functionality to the enhanced grading functions inside FCP X.

Is it really November and Black Friday week already? It certainly is and we thought we would put together a growing list of the deals we could find for FCPX editors- software and hardware.

In this presentation from FCPX World at IBC, Christian Petterson from VGTV Norway explains why they exclusively use Final Cut Pro X to produce hundreds of hours of content each year for different online and linear television channels, including a 24/7 news channel.

We continue to publish the videos from The FCPX World event at IBC. And we start off with two highly anticipated presentations.

Not an FCPX story, but an accidental discovery via Twitter. With machine learning set to take a bigger role in editing, one Twitter account is already auto-colourising photos. Spoiler: They are doing video too.

4 weeks after Finnish/English editor Ben Mercer came to talk about his work on this major movie during FCPX World at IBC, the World War II drama Unknown Soldier (Tuntematon Sotilas) has broken the opening weekend record at the Finnish box office, competing with the biggest international film productions in the world.

How The Most Popular Music Video In History Was Shot In One Day And Edited With Final Cut Pro X In A Small Boutique Studio In Miami.

The catchy Reggaeton pop song ‘Despacito’ by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi and rapper Daddy Yankee was the inescapable Summer Hit of 2017. Just 6 months after it was released it became the most streamed song in history, with 4.6 billion plays across all streaming services. It reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 100 and stayed at that place for 16 weeks. The song topped the charts of 47 countries and reached the top 10 of ten others.

We love to test hardware and software here at FCP.co. So when a new backlit Astra Final Cut Pro X keyboard from Logickeyboard arrived, it didn't stay in the box for long.

Later on in the day (for those of us on the east of the puddle) we will see the availability of the latest macOS High Sierra. We all like upgrades, are there any things we should know first? (Slight hint-yes)