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An odd combination, but one when you read the article below, all will become clear. We post the pictures from the first Faster Together event in Las Vegas and post a free Final Cut Pro X plugin that was used for the quick-turnaround edits on the night.

The 9th of April 2019 will be remembered for the first, one night Faster Together presentation during NAB in Las Vegas. I think it is safe to say that it exceeded everyone's expectations.

Great presenters, good support from the commercial partners outside the hall, a teary moment with Michael Horton and the excellent food didn't run out!

Although the presentation videos will not be ready to post right away, we can give you an idea of the night by posting the many pictures during the evening that we took.

Also as a bonus, Chris Fenwick was editing interviews from attendees that were then played in to the auditorium. At the top of every insert, a custom plugin designed by Alex Gollner was used.

You can download the Faster Together Opener plugin for FCPX here.

Now let's see those photos!  

IMG 7857A good number of attendees for the event.

IMG 7868Sam Mestman getting made-up...

IMG 7871much to the mirth of some fellow Lumaforgers.

IMG 7836Patrick Southern setting up a camera.

IMG 7866Backstage vision mixing the show.

IMG 7878Sam starts the show.

IMG 7880MC for the night Michael Horton gets everyone to do the traditional shake hands of somebody you don't know.

IMG 7885YouTube tech reviewer Jonathan Morrison from TLD takes a shot of the crowd that gets edited live into his latest upload.

IMG 7884Felipe Baez in the crowd. You can watch the final video below!

IMG 7891Colleen from Apple interviews Yuval Orr, Editor of the 2019 Academy Award winning short SKIN and Producer Tim Harms.

IMG 7893Michael Cioni, Senior Vice President of Innovation at Panavision poses some thought-provoking ideas. 

IMG 7862The Faster Together Opener FCPX plugin in action! 

IMG 7861Chris 'Utah' Fenwick and iMac Pro cutting the inserts.

IMG 7894Kyle Reiter Editor and Ernie Gilbert on Atlanta.

IMG 7898John Aldrich Producer/Editor of The River and the Wall with Cheryl Ottenritter & Robbie Carman.

IMG 7899Adrienne Klotz-Floyd talks about colour.

IMG 7900CEO & Co-founder of Kitsplit, Lisbeth Kaufman.

IMG 7913An emotional Michael Horton gets a well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award.

IMG 7917And an emotional raffle prize winner!

IMG 7919

Fitting that the big prize went to the students who had helped with the show. 

We will be posting the videos and more photos at a later date. If you would like to view the whole set, please visit our Instagram page.

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