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We publish the first in a set of videos from the Faster Together stage at NAB 2019. We start with an inspirational presentation from Michael Cioni, Senior VP of Innovation at Panavision. He takes a long hard look into the future.

If you didn't attend the Faster Together event at NAB 2019, you missed out. However, LumaForge recorded all the presentations and are making them available online.

We were in the audience for the entire evening and enjoyed all of the speakers, especially Michael.

Michael Cioni has a knack of condensing technology thoughts down into observations that make complete sense. We particularly like his explanation of why vinyl and cassette tapes are making a comeback.

You can also learn his top 4 reasons NOT to come to NAB and what the history of the Luddites can teach us about technological scepticism.


We will of course continue to publish the videos as they become available. Lots to look forward to including Jonathan Morrison from TLD, Oscar winners and hopefully a very touching tribute to an NAB legend.


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