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ripple tutorial updte 13 jan 2015

In the first new MacBreak Studio of the year, the FCPX topic of conversation is syncing audio. Plus we have multi take voice overs and how to make a rack focus effect in Motion.

So, the first new MacBreak Studio of 2015 and Sam Mestman returns to take a look at the Sync-N-Link X application from Assisted Editing. 

Sync-N-Link X is a $199 application that batch processes the syncing of video rushes to separate sound. By automatically matching up the timecodes of the clips, this can be achieved with a few clicks, rather than having to pair up and sync each clip manually.

It might appear pricey, but the money saved in post will easily be recovered by the time saved. As you will see demonstrated by Sam, there are other benefits as well such as the transfer of metadata.

If you would like to know more about audio in Final Cut Pro X, make sure you visit the Ripple Training website.  There's a huge range of tutorials on FCPX, Motion and other professional video applications including some dedicated to getting the best sound out of Final Cut.


Mark Spencer might not have been in the episode this week, but he returns with his five minutes of Motion. This timek he shows us how to build a rack focus effect.


Steve returns again with his five minutes and this week he's looking at how to do multiple take voiceovers.

Two beefs whilst we are talking about using the voiceover tool. The first is you really should be able to assign a chosen role to voiceover clips automatically on recording. Everything is assigned to a dialogue role by default, why not have a voiceover role by default?

Secondly, we have yet to find a way to feed the clean fx from FCPX to a voiceover artist's headphones without them hearing themselves with a delay. We have tried AJA & Blackmagic boxes to interface with the existing broadcast VO booth setups without any joy. 



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