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feb 2015 tutorial roundup

Quite a few free tutorials to get through in this roundup. From just starting out in FCPX & Motion, to advanced sound techniques & fixes, there is something for everybody to learn.

FCP.co Forum contributor Ben Balser has a new website over at FinalCutProX.guru where he's posting tutorials on FCPX, Motion and the other Apple Pro Applications. There will be a range of paid content on the site for beginners to advanced users.

He's also posted a few free 'Bare Bones' tutorials, the first designed to get users up and running with Final Cut Pro X in under 10 minutes. (Takes a few seconds to load.)


He's also done the same for Motion users: 

Ben's got more free tutorials on Motion, Compressor and Logic Pro X, but you'll have to head over to his site to see those. 


Tutorial regular Dan Allen shows us how to create custom frame sizes so you can preview your material  and export to a variety of platforms including smartphones.


Janet Dalton of Manhattan Edit Workshop has expanded their range of free FCPX tutorials online. We take a look a three of the most recent.

How to use Timecode Overlays in Final Cut Pro X


How to Use the Slipping Tool In Final Cut Pro X


Finally from Janet, How to Match Frame in Final Cut Pro X. There are many more tutorials (not just for FCPX) on their Vimeo channel.


Chris Swift has been busy over on his YouTube channel posting FCPX tutorials, we have selected a few on retiming to post here.

Retiming - The Basics looks at fixed amounts (slow and fast), adjusting amounts, transitions, making a freeze frame, reversing, preserving pitch (or not), and improving video quality.


Retiming: Super Slo Mo


Finally from Chris, a tutorial on advanced retiming.


Want to get better audio into FCPX and fix any problems with that audio in FCPX? Scott Lewis has made an hour and a half tutorial from a course he recently taught. Some great info in there and worth sticking with all the way through.