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MBS FCPX 6 1 2015

The first Tuesday of the year and the guys at Ripple have published their first MacBreak Studio of 2015. How can media be in more than one place without doubling the disk space used?

In this first MacBreak Studio of the year, Sam Mestman shows Steve Martin how you can have media in more than one location, but without duplicating and doubling the disk space taken up.

Confused? You needn't be. Not to say that the process isn't crystal clear in our heads, but we understand the principle. It is very easy to duplicate media when you have multiple editors working on a project and by enforcing this consolidation process, you can reduce the amount of unnecessary file space used. A handy tip.

Having said all that, we still need a proper media management method that trims the media with handles, just like good old FCP7 used to do well (and still does in many places) if you ignore the odd hiccup. This feature request is definitely in our top 5 'must haves' for FCPX.

A great insight into the OS file system with Sam. (When is he going to upgrade to 10.4???)

If you would like to know more about Final Cut Pro X from Steve, makes sure you visit their Ripple Training website for a huge range of tutorials on FCPX, Motion and other professional video applications.

Mark & Steve's 5 minute lessons return next week.




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