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MBS 300 dynamic trimming fcpx

We have to say congratulations to Pixel Corps and Ripple Training for getting their 300 episode of MacBreak Studio published. This time they look at that old chestnut, dynamic trimming in FCPX and FCP7.

300 episodes is a pretty amazing record and how things have changed over the years. MacBreak Studio started off when we were all still stuck in Final Cut Studio!

Before we get onto this week's episode, let's have a quick trip down memory lane:

MacBreak Episode 28 on April 28th 2009 -  Abba Shapiro talks to Steve Martin about using Quick View in FCP


Not to leave Mark Spencer out, he hosts Billy Fox talking about making tilt shots in Motion on the 5th of May 2009.


Back to 2015 and episode 300. It's all new, new music, new graphics and new good tips & tricks. This time Steve Martin and Mark Spencer look at the topic of dynamic trimming, a subject that comes up often on forums. So how do you trim dynamically in FCP7 and does FCPX have dynamic trimming at all?



If you would like to know more about Final Cut Pro X, make sure you visit the Ripple Training website. There's a huge range of tutorials on FCPX, Motion and other professional video applications.



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