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fcpx VUG 8

With the launch of the recent update of FCPX to 10.3, there is a lot to talk about. The roundtable discussion returns and there's a little surprise in there too.


Politics comes to FCPX, but in  good way! Survey is a set of plugins that can display the Presidential election maps, charts and graphs right in Final Cut Pro X.

special event banner

We had the pleasure of attending the Special Event on the Apple Campus and we were not disappointed. We also got to test out the Touch Bar with Final Cut Pro X!

FCPX Tour Videos day7 banner

The last in the series of videos from the FCPX Tour at IBC 2016 and it is all about speed! FCPX Broadcast editor Peter Wiggins talks about using Final Cut Pro X in time pressured broadcast productions and Pierre Chevalier from Softron demonstrates the tools you need to ingest, edit and playout to air.