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New plugin and effects maker CineFlare from Utah has launched four effects packs for FCPX users. Split screens, old looks and of course light leaks and flares.

We are always pleased to see new plugin vendors join the FCP ecosystem and that includes CineFlare even though they have had a bit of a re-branding exercise. They have launched four packs of plugins and effects especially for FCPX users as well as some flares and even a pack of pre-keyed rain that will work with the other popular NLEs.


Let's take a look though the packs from CineFlare starting with the $49 NostalgiaSuite.

It consists of a pack of 10 vintage colour presets and the option to add organic light flares. Also included are 4 different slide effects and a matching sound effect.


Next is the $39 ScreenStitch which offers 36 different split screen effects. These are generators with pre-defined drop zones for footage. The footage size, opacity and XY positions can be adjusted.



FlareBuilder is a $39 pack of 10 light flare overlays. No more information unfortunately as their link gives us a 404 which we have reported to the webmaster.


And last but not least is NostagiaColor, priced at $29 it looks as if these presets are a subset of the bigger suite package. No video this time, but we're sure you get the idea.

More flares for other NLE's and of course that rain on the CineFlare website.