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With the FCPX user base growing, there is no doubt a vibrant plugin and template ecosystem is growing around it. New today are two new plugins from Skippor.

It almost seems as if there are two parallel universes in the video editing business. Only a few weeks ago we were talking to a large plugin company at IBC who hadn't really looked at porting their existing products over to Final Cut Pro X for two reasons. First of all they didn't know the number of FCPX users/customers out there and secondly, might it erode their higher end sales and weaken their product's 'Pro VFX' image? In our opinion their hesitancy is costing them a nice slice of the FCPX ecosystem cake.

So it is a breath of fresh air when we see a small company just getting on and shipping cost effective products that do simple jobs for editors.

Skippor are one such company and they have just released two new budget plugins for Final Cut Pro X.

Logo is a $10 plugin that offers 10 different ways to display text in a logo that gets overlaid onto video.

Text is a $6 plugin that animates text on a strap which would suit the naming of people in interviews.

Two simple plugins that are not only value for money, but they are shipping today. Larger plugin manufacturers need to look at this growing market very closely.