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stabilisation lockdown test fcpx

Final Cut Pro X does a number of wonderful things. It can analyse your footage in all sorts of fascinating ways to help you fix problematic audio, to colour balance your shots and stabilise that wobbly footage. With a couple of third party stabilisers now on the market promising to provider better and faster results than FCP X’s built-in stabilisation, we thought we’d ask Chris Roberts to provide a steadying hand…

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On to the second batch of video presentations from the FCPX Tour @IBC 2016. This time we have Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central with the very first live demo of the new Color Finale PRO plugin and Jesús Pérez-Miranda explains what makes the Final Cut Pro X editing paradigm so popular. Get a coffee ready!

Working out how to edit large camera media such as 6K in the correct resolution and aspect ratio for delivery can be a nightmare. Robin Moran has done the maths and has figured out how to keep the quality and flexibility up in FCPX when shooting overscan and cropping a centre extraction.

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If you couldn't make the recent FCPX Tour in Amsterdam during IBC, you really missed out. Not a worry though as all the presentations were recorded and we will be publishing them right here on a regular basis. Here are the first two: