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Would you like to contribute to the growing Final Cut Pro X community? We are looking for writers, bloggers and general FCPX enthusiasts to help keep the good news going on FCP.co.

Editors keys illumiated FCPX keyboard banner

Editors Keys very kindly lent the site a backlit illuminated FCPX keyboard to try out. So why not take it out on a real job and use it under pressure? What was the verdict?

macOS Sierra FCPX

Apple's new version of OS X has been released. Should you install it straight away? Or wait for any possible bugs to be fixed and third party developers to update their software. Is there also a hint on future collaboration possibilities?

HK3 beterstabilizer fcpx

These two plugins are similar but different. They both do the work of the internal tools within Final Cut Pro X, however both sets of developers say that their products do a much better job. Better keying with Hawaiki Keyer 3 and better stabilisation with BetterStabilizer from CrumplePop.