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crumplepop fisheyefixer fcpx

***Winners Announced***

New today is CrumplePop's $49 Fisheye Fixer plugin for correcting distortion on GoPro footage in Final Cut Pro X. They have also very kindly given us five copies to give away.

We love GoPros, they have single-handedly changed the way action videos are shot. Their low price and different mounting options have enabled the production of some of the most stunning footage over the past few years. Check out the GoPro YouTube channel for many breathtaking examples from wingsuited flights, skydiving or just very dangerous sports.

One problem the camera suffers from is fisheye distortion from the wide angle lens. If you are jumping out of a plane then this isn't a problem, but the footage looks odd if the subject contains a lot of vertical or horizontal lines. This is most noticeable when GoPro material is edited together with regular footage from more traditional cameras. (And you are not falling at 300MPH!)

CrumplePop's new $49 utility plugin for Final Cut Pro X is called Fisheye Fixer and as you can probably tell from the name, it is designed to bend those lines and the horizon back into true. Operation is easy, just drop the effect onto the footage and then adjust the parameters to fix the distortion.

crumplepop fisheyefixer example

The guys at CrumplePop have kindly given us five licences of Fisheye Fixer each worth $49 to give away to FCP.co readers. To have a chance of winning a copy, all you have to do is Tweet the headline of the story. The easiest way to do this is by clicking the Tweet button on the top left or bottom of this article. Winners will be picked at random from the Tweets between now and Friday night, so get tweeting!

This competition is now closed, the lucky winners are: