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skippor color fcpx

The small Danish plugin company Skippor has released a new effect called 'Color' which livens up footage by tinting it with various gradients. At $10 can you go wrong?

A refreshing change from being bombarded by advertising for expensive products at IBC for a week, we feature a $10 plugin on our frontpage. We like to include all users and all budgets.

Color is a plugin for Final Cut Pro X that colours your footage with adjustable gradients, the plugin comes with eight different colour effects. We have had footage in from clients that was shot on a flat dull grey day and this would have certainly helped to liven up the production. (50 shades?) Granted, it won't suit everything but it also might help in hiding some imperfections as well.

We can see more manufacturers making very low cost, 'one off' plugins for FCPX. If ever Apple decide to launch a store for FCPX effects, then this will be the pricing model - or lower!

Don't forget Skippor have some free effects on their site.