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3D text, extrudes, bevels glints, shines, textures and more - and all within Final Cut Pro X. Plugin company NewBlue has updated their plugin range for FCPX and that includes Titler Pro.

We got the press release from NewBlue on Friday and it looks like we are slightly ahead of them changing their website to reflect the fact that their plugins have been updated for FCPX.

“We’re happy to announce compatibility with Final Cut Pro X,” said NewBlue CEO Todor Fay. “The Apple community is an important part of our customer base and we wanted Final Cut users to have access to NewBlueFX no matter which version they use.”

Probably the most of interest to us is the $299 plugin Titler Pro that looks like a very capable generator of some cool looking animating 3D graphics. As you'll know, the internal text generation within X is limited to Motion generators that can only fake 3D, so this product will appeal to a lot of professional editors out there who get asked to construct such graphics.

The plugin uses its own GUI to build and edit the graphics and from what we've seen can produce good looking graphics from scratch with a bit of tweaking, or use one of the built in presets. Along with the website not mentioning FCPX yet, there are no product videos either so we will have to pretend that this one is actually being demoed within X and not Premiere. We can see a lot of editors faces lighting up at around 2:10 in, ours did.

There is a demo version available and we would love somebody to take Titler Pro for a spin in FCPX and report back. Although it is priced the same as FCPX which is expensive for a plugin, we think it's going to be pretty popular.

Next up (as it is the other plugin mentioned in the PR) is the $129 ColorFast plugin which as you might guess is a colour correction tool. Well you have to admit that FCPX needed another looks maker! We would mention that the webpage makes no mention of FCPX compatibility, but it explicitly says it won't run! 

The web producer at NewBlue is going to have a very busy Monday, we'll update the story with more information and more products when things get updated.