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CrumplePop and Red Giant join forces to release Carousel a vintage looks plugin for FCPX

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Two large names in the Final Cut Pro ecosystem have joined forces to release 'Carousel' a vintage looks plugin especially for FCPX. 

Vintage looks are all the rage, take the success of Instagram and Hipstamatic as indicators of how popular the process of making images look as if they were shot using old film cameras has become.

Industry software writers and publisher Red Giant, known for Magic Bullet and template and plugin writer CrumplePop have teamed up to launch a new plugin called Carousel.

Maybe inspired by Don Draper's unforgettable pitch to Kodak, Carousel is a $49 plugin designed especially for producing vintage looks within FCPX.

'Carousel combines optical imperfections, vignettes, and color grades from a plastic camera to create a sophisticated effect that can be dropped onto any clip.  Once applied, Carousel can be easily fine-tuned to create the perfect mix of film fade, light leaks, and color cross-processing.'

"Working with the team at CrumplePop has been fantastic," said Aharon Rabinowitz, Red Giant's director of Communities. "As an artist, I've long admired their aesthetic, so when we decided to create something that really captured the feel of footage shot on a vintage camera, we knew we had to work with them. We're really proud of the end result of both our efforts."

"We're extremely excited to be teaming up with Red Giant," said Gabriel Cheifetz, co-founder of CrumplePop.  "Working with Aharon Rabinowitz and Harry Frank has been a genuine pleasure - they have a big reputation in this industry, and their creativity and nimbleness says a lot about Red Giant as a company.  We've got some truly extraordinary tools for filmmakers on the way, starting with Red Giant Carousel."

The plugin contains 10 vintage looks that can be tweaked for the right effect.

- Rich, compelling vintage effects.
- Drag and drop ease of use in Final Cut Pro X
- Powerful controls that allow you to fine-tune each effect
- Powerful film fading and color cross-processing
- Color treatments, vignettes, and optical imperfections captured from a real plastic camera

An installation guide and tutorial videos can be found on the CrumplePop website.

From Gabriel's words it looks like this is the first product of a series in partnership with Red Giant. Last week we announced that Singular Software had been acquired by Red Giant, so it is interesting to see them cooperate with another company in the ecosystem.

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