How does Sony A1 8K footage playback on the M1 MacBook Pro in Final Cut Pro, Adobe's Premiere Pro and Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve?

Apple has incorporated the Xsan server tools along with StorNext 7 features into the next Big Sur beta that is available today.

It has been two and a half months since Apple announced the new M1 SOC Mac mini, MacBook Air and 13” MacBook Pro. So after a good couple of months with a 13” M1 MacBook Pro, I thought I’d put together my findings to help those out there who are thinking of buying one.

The biggest Apple news of 2020 was the start of the transition of the Mac to Apple silicon. Alex Gollner writes about how the transition might go over the next two years. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Storage and peripheral company OWC has acquired shared storage manufacturer Lumaforge. The Jellyfish has a new home!


Dear Final Cut Community,

Sam here. It’s such a relief to finally be able to talk about this.

Figured I’d post this on FCP.co because in many ways LumaForge was built right here on this site for this community. As some of you know LumaForge has been officially acquired by OWC (Other World Computing).

Given the world situation at the moment, it feels a little ridiculous to scream from the hills about how awesome it is that your company got acquired, so I’m not going to do that here. Instead, I just want to take a second and give a heartfelt thank you to the community that was there with us from the very beginning and whose problems this company was brought into existence to solve… and that was the Final Cut Pro X community and Mac users everywhere… and FCP.co was here for it every step of the way.

We launched the company on FCP.co:

LumaForge introduce shared storage solutions for Final Cut Pro X


Peter got the first Jellyfish Mobile we ever shipped to review here (and there’s a hilarious story about the boot drive we shipped him that we will never live down… ask me next time you see me):

First impressions of the 'JellyFish' - affordable shared storage designed for Final Cut Pro X


Ronny Courtens changed the game for us at Swiss National Television and told that story here:

How Swiss TV went FCPX - Final Cut Pro X in National Network Operations



Over the years, we have told amazing user stories and helped improve the workflows of countless video teams around the world. Here’s just a few of those:

Off The Grid-WMM: A RED-FCPX-Resolve Workflow series
* Part 1 Introduction and On-Set Editorial
* Part 2 Organization
* Part 3 Editing
* Part 4 Group Workflow and Finishing in FCPX
* Part 5 Collaborating with Color, VFX & Audio Departments

STV (Denmark): STV (Denmark) Case Study: We Publish the Presentation Videos from the FCPX Tour at IBC 2016 - STV Denmark & Coremelt 

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James Tonkin: James Tonkin Tours with the Biggest Music Artists on the Planet, Creating Stunning Concert Videos from Tons of 4K and 8K Footage in Final Cut Pro X


Apple-LumaForge at LACPUG 2016 - Replay the Final Cut Pro X 10.3 Narrative Workflow Presentation From the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group

Thrown in the mix along the way was workflow suites and Faster Togethers at NAB, getting on the the Apple Store, taking over the very last Supermeet and so many other memories when we naively thought we could take 20 grand and go start a shared storage company and try and compete with the big guys… except we did. And we were able to do it because of this community here and your support over the years. Community matters, now more than ever, and if it were not for this one, my community at We Make Movies, and Apple and the Final Cut Pro X team, I would not have a career at all most likely.

It has been an amazing journey with you, the FCP.co community. On behalf of the team at LumaForge, I’m also very excited to tell you that while this chapter may be closing, the book is far from finished. Our next chapter is going to be the best one we have written and i am beyond excited about what we will be continuing to create for you at OWC.

So why OWC and what’s next? It’s pretty simple. Larry O’Connor.

If there was a single person and a single company that’s more passionate about the Apple ecosystem, products, and peripherals than us… it’s Larry O’Connor and the team at OWC.

He knows more about Thunderbolt, Apple Macs, chipsets, hard drives, and manufacturing than anyone I’ve ever met and he is a true knowledge base for all things in the Mac ecosystem. Want to learn a couple things? Watch these videos:

FCP.co Live Thunderbolt 4: https://eshop.macsales.com/blog/66986-thunderbolt-4-larry-oconnor-fcp/
Creative Summit panel: https://eshop.macsales.com/blog/69428-fcpx-summit-larry-oconnor/

I’ve been working with OWC for quite a bit over the last year and have gotten to know him and the team well over there. There is simply no better acquiring company for the LumaForge family than OWC. They’re really just a bigger, older version of LumaForge. They care about their customers, are not a soulless mega-corporation, are passionate about the environment (also watch Kiss The Ground on Netfilx that Larry helped produce and get some real hope about the environment future) and education (they’re building 7 OWC media centers this year for the Orphaned Starfish Foundation), and more than anything, they care about solving problems for their customers more than anything else in the world.

So how’s this all going to work and what’s next? You won’t see that in this article… but you will see it in increasing velocity over 2021 and beyond.

But if you want to know what the plan is? It’s SOLUTIONS across the entire ecosystem of OWC products. When you get a sense of just how big the OWC product lineup is and how Jellyfish solutions connect to all of that, you should be able to connect some of the dots. It’s going to be fun.

Anyway, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for joining us on this amazing ride these last few years. It was unforgettable.

The good news for all of us, though, is that the best is yet to come. Onwards and Upwards!

For the official OWC blog on the acquisition, go here:

In the blast of publicity surrounding the new M1 chips and the contemporaneous release of macOS Big Sur, the new capability of Thunderbolt 'hubbing' got slightly overlooked. 

It's been a week since the new M1 silicon Macs were announced. The reviews are starting to come in, so we thought we would list the ones we thought had done a good job.

No surprise here as Apple said in its event on Monday that Thursday was going to be Big Sur day. It's out, should you upgrade?

Well, we were not disappointed as today Apple announced the first Apple Silicon Macs. We also got a release date for the new MacOS Big Sur.

Time for a longer look at the Flex 8, the combined RAID, dock and PCIe expansion unit. How does it work with Final Cut Pro and will it turn a MacBook Pro in to a fully configured edit station with just one connecting cable? We find out.