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XSAN is dead according to Sam Mestman. So how did they manage to replay 84 streams of 4K at the recent LACPUG meeting?

The answer to the question was the new range of LumaSHARE shared storage solutions from LumaForge. 

We know that traditional shared storage such as XSAN isn't optimised for Final Cut Pro X. That's why you should store your Libraries locally otherwise your edit machine will constantly request to read and write small files which will slow everything down. If you have ever used XSAN, you will also know that the admins have to have a black belt in advanced computing to keep the system running smoothly.

LumaForge have been working on a solution and at the recent LACPUG, Sam Mestman showed one of the new LumaSHARE storage models playing back 84 streams of 4K to multiple Mac Pros and a MacBook Pro.



An impressive display and it certainly shows the way forward from those racks of metadata controllers, fibre channel switches and loud and noisy drive units. The storage comes ready out of the box to connect with GigE or 10GigE, so no extra boxes to buy to get going. Also no complex administrative tasks to keep on top of.

The prices are impressive too starting at $9,200 for the LumaSHARE 9TB Mobile HD Lite which can service 2-8 HD users. The largest mobile model is populated with up to 58 SSD drives and will output a staggering 30,740 MB/s - try that on a Blackmagic Speed test!. It will also set you back just over $100,000.

For larger installations, there are the range of LumaSHARE Facility models which are expandable up to 1.5 Petabytes and dozens of concurrent users. Prices are available on application.

Should you be in the market for fast FCPX optimised storage, please mention FCP.co in you dealings with LumaForge as they just might offer us a bit of money to keep our servers going!



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