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Who says multicam switching is just for editing? Now you can switch between four camera angles on this experimental YouTube music video by Madilyn Bailey. 

You may recall the FCPX user story from Thomas Grove Carter where he edited two stories together on the same FCPX timeline. (Or his recent iMovie/FCPX wishlist!) The two exported movies were then combined by YouTube into a single player giving the viewer the choice of which one to watch.

YouTube has gone a step further and are now experimenting with more angles during the playback of uploaded videos. To demonstrate the potential, YouTube has published a four camera angle music video from Madilyn Bailey. Her performance was recorded at a recent YouTube music night in Los Angeles.

Now, sadly we cannot embed the video as it has the special commands such as camera switching. We can publish a screen grab and by clicking on that you'll go right to the page. We should also probably warn you about the presenter as he seems to have consumed rather a lot of espresso before taking to the stage to introduce Madilyn.

 youtube multicam


A marketing gimmick or possible usefulness in the future? We don't know but they will have to fix the audio pause when switching cameras to appeal to music fans. Maximum resolution is 720, so we would assume that the browser is buffering all four streams for switching.

YouTube has done multi camera playback before, but mainly on live streamed events. This is an experiment and should your content fit, you can be a part of it too. Just sign up on this Google form and YouTube will be in touch when they make this feature available.

Will FCPX be able to export a multi camera 'bundled' edit out directly to YouTube? Probably not, but we can see video roles becoming very important here in prepping the files for uploading.

Do you like Madilyn's music? We have borrowed a photo from her Instagram account, so we're sure she would appreciate a follow.


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