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A video from Thomas Grove Carter raised some interesting thoughts on the possibility of useful features from iMovie being transferred to Final Cut Pro X.

We have a very active and focused forum on FCP.co and we thought this video from Thomas Grove Carter that was posted there deserved to go on the frontage of the site. His video runs through a few features that are standard in iMovie, but don't appear in Final Cut Pro X.

We wholeheartedly back Thomas up as we have wished for every one of these features at some point when we have been bashing away editing.

We all know that iMovie is a reduced form of FCPX, so it all sounds very logical that some of the features that are in that app could transfer over to FCPX nicely. This is low hanging fruit for Apple, probably relatively easy to do, but it would make a lot of editors happy and show the community that they do listen.

If you recognise the name, you would be right. Thomas was the editor who cut the very clever dual storyline Honda commercial right in FCPX. He should know what he's talking about.

 Feel free to add your wishes in the comments below!




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