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It's a pretty slow news day unless you want to watch a Sesame Street FCPX remix or a Gorilla with a GoPro. An ideal opportunity to post the last series of Final Cut Pro X color grading tutorials.

If you've watched the first 10, then you'll know how good these tutorials are. We again have to thank Denver Riddle at Color Grading Central for producing and publishing these for free. As we mentioned yesterday, if this is the first time you've come across these then it's probably worth going back to the start as there's lots of good tips right the way through the series.

FCPX Color grading tutorials 1 to 5

FCPX Color grading tutorials 6 to 10

So let's go with the last five, 11 to 15. (We will put the Sesame Street & Gorilla link at the bottom of the page)


11. FCP X Color Grading Tutorial: Contextual (location) based looks


13. FCP X Color Grading Tutorial: Stylized Looks


15. FCP X Color Grading Tutorial: Focusing with Secondaries


Sesame Street FCPX remix & Gorilla with GoPro