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We have had many emails from people asking when the next set of tutorials would be available from Color Grading Central. The next five of these superb videos are now posted after the break.

There have been many emails between us and the tutorials author, Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central. Both of us have been inundated by email and PM requests for the next set to be released. The success of his tutorials caught him out slightly as he was in the final stages of designing his website and didn't want to post the rest until it was completed. Just goes to show that in true Kevin Costner style, "Build it and they will come." We think the FCPX community owes a lot to Denver for his time and effort into exploring the color correcting and grading possibilities within the application.

Denver adds:

"I produced these color grading tutorials for FCP X as I feel like there's lots of potential with the new color tools.  I walk you through not only the interface but explain the workflow of color grading.  If color grading is something of an interest to you I know that you'll enjoy these tutorials and be sure to stop by Color Grading Central and check it out!"

If you haven't seen videos 1 to 5 then we suggest you look back at our first post on color grading in FCPX. For those of you eagerly awaiting the next set, here's videos 6 to 10.


06. FCP X Color Grading Tutorial: Setting Dynamic Range and Contrast


08. FCP X Color Grading Tutorial: Shot-to-Shot Matching


10. FCP X Color Grading Tutorials: Suggesting Time of Day