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Not our quotation, but the words of Philip Hodgetts who happened to be in the audience at the recent Boston Creative Pro User Group meeting. Take a look at the video of the presentation and judge for yourself!  We have a coupon code for money off the Amsterdam Supermeet admission as well.

Ben Consoli has been producing short FCPX online tutorials and we have featured a few of them right here on FCP.co. Dan Bérubé who organises the events in Boston says that 'Ben really knocked this one out of the park' at the latest BOSCPUG meeting on August 22, 2013 at The Paramount Center at Emerson College. Couple that with Philip's endorsement and you know it will be good!

In the presentation, Ben shows how quickly a 3-camera live event can be edited, graded and mixed using the tools in FCPX. He uses a real job too which always helps to show up the advantages and disadvantages within the NLE as prepackaged demo footage is just too prepackaged and clean.

Dan tells us that the presentation was shot on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and the screen recording looks nice and sharp which always helps.


 multicam FCPX ben consoli 3

multicam FCPX ben consoli 2

We have to thank Dan and Ben Consoli for the great presentation, there were other presentations at the BOSCPUG that night (one on the recently released Producer's best Friend) and we hope Dan will be publishing those at a later date.

Dan is also the Co-Producer for the Supermeets, so it's also a good time to remind you to get tickets for the sixth annual Supermeet that will be held in Amsterdam on the 15th of September during IBC. We have just had a special link from the other co-producer Michael Horton that will give all FCP.co readers €5 off the entry fee. 



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