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Producers best friend fcpx

One of the advantages of FCPX being built using databases is the fact that other apps can easily get access to the data. That's exactly what the new application Producer's Best Friend from Assisted Editing does when loading timeline or event information into Excel.

Producer's Best Friend is a new $99 application from the guys at Assisted Editing/Intelligent Assistance that takes FCPX timeline or event data and generates customisable reports in an Excel spreadsheet format.

It sparked our interest right away as it is billed as 'Editors: Learn how to get home earlier!' and for the bean counters 'Producers: Learn how to save your valuable time on production!' Although they maybe should have included Production Assistants in that too as we are forever having to stop editing to supply music return details to be filed at the broadcaster.

So what gets reported in the spreadsheet?

'Producer’s Best Friend creates an Excel spreadsheet report about the video clips, audio clips, markers, keywords, effects and transitions you've used in Final Cut Pro X (10.0.6 or later). Producer’s Best Friend reports on Clips in an Event, Compound Clip or Project. The report includes sheets for:'

  • Summary
  • Clips
  • Roles and Subroles
  • Markers
  • Keywords,
  • Video Effects
  • Audio Effects
  • Transitions


Producers best friend fcpx GUI

Producers best friend fcpx report

A list of the reports and example spreadsheet images are available here. We think this is one app that you will find more uses for the more you use it. With the ability to create custom roles and subroles, this app could prove to be very clever in building automatic music usage details for each music library used in the edit. This could of course just as easily transfer to stock footage library usage as well.

Unfortunately no demo video and no free trial (maybe a LACPUG video at a later date), but it is pretty obvious what this handy app does and the benefits it could bring to production. One fly in the ointment, it looks like compound clips have to be reported individually at the moment.

We can see many uses for this app 'straight out of the box' and it only confirms to us that FCPX has been built looking to the future so that other third party developers can write cool applications like Producer's Best Friend. 

Take a look at the Producer's Best Friend PDF help manual. 



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