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There have been so many Canon & FCPX users out there desperately wanting this plugin to be released. Canon have made their Valentines Day by releasing a new version of their XF plugin.

Hot of the press, Canon have released their plugin which takes the MXF files from cameras such as the new EOS C300 and allows the footage to be ingested into Final Cut Pro X. In fact the news is so new Canon haven't posted their press release yet. We will detail the information when it becomes available.

This does of course provide a manufacturers alternative to the xFCPx alternative we reported earlier.

Go to the Canon XF plugin Download·(Go to drivers & Software)


On our Forum, macmacmac had an interesting trick for getting the OS X Lion 'only' plugin to work on Snow Leopard

To install the plugin on Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.8 you have to temporarily change your system version number to Lion 10.7.2!
1. Go to HD:/System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist
2. Copy the file to the Desktop
3. Open the original with a text editor and change the string value of 'ProductVersion' and 'ProductUserVisibleVersion' to '10.7.2'.
4. Save & Overwrite.
5. Install the plugin
6. Move back the original SystemVersion.plist from the Desktop

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