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We have covered both MergeX and PostLab here on FCP.co. Now we can be the first to announce that they have joined forces! The app for merging FCPX libraries together is now part of Postlab.

We covered the MergeX app here in 2017. It is a way of combine marked ranges, favourites, ratings and roles from different FCPX users together.

We've also covered Postlab here in 2018 and also last year when Hedge acquired the FCPX collaborative workflow tool.

Today, Hedge, makers of Postlab, announced that the MergeX team is joining Postlab.

Paul Matthijs Lombert, Hedge CEO:

“Since launching Postlab, we’ve been looking for ways to make collaboration between team members even easier. Especially when team members have different tasks, but work on the same footage. In a typical AE workflow, keeping everyone’s projects up to date is quite labor-intensive. With Merge’s technology, we’re able to provide a seamless experience for multi-disciplinary teams working with FCP X.”

Perig Guinamant, merge.software founder:

“Postlab is a perfect match for MergeX . We want to take the Merge workflow further, and now we have a partner with the capacity to unlock its full potential, as we envisioned when starting with MergeX three years ago. There is a lot of synergy between our teams, and we all share the mission of having a profound impact on collaboration in the film, television, and video industry.”

This makes complete sense to us. Marketing for small developers is hard and with Perig joining the team it will lead to a greater awareness of his app.

If you haven't heard of MergeX before, it's an app that allows FCPX editors to merge events from different libraries. It's useful in a typical Assistant Editor workflow where the AE adds keywords and tags to clips, which the editor than can pull into the edit. In need of a specific shot? The AE jumps into the master library, adds keywords, pings the editor to update some event, without any interruptions.

As a result of the acquisition, MergeX will be integrated into Postlab in the coming months, making it unavailable for purchase as a standalone app. Existing users will continue to receive updates and bug fixes for at least another year, and can reach out to Hedge for a Postlab discount.