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Hot off the press from our friends, Felipe Baez and Jasper Siegers, is the announcement of the acquisition of FCPX collaborative tool Postlab by Hedge. 

We had a quick chat at NAB about the acquisition, but this is the first time we can post anything about the Postlab news. It's all rather exciting.

Postlab was a side project from Jasper Siegers, developed to give his editors a collaborative and 'versioned' workflow with Final Cut Pro X. It has been a great success and  Jasper is working full-time on Postlab now that it has been acquired by Hedge, the backup software company.


Jasper Siegers: "Over the last few years, Postlab has grown into a widely used platform, but I've never been able to really focus on it. Even with Felipe taking care of helping users out and creating tutorials, I've been wanting to be able to put all my energy into Postlab for quite a while now. Hedge makes it possible for me to do just that, and a lot more - they've built a full team around Postlab, taking my original vision to a whole new level."

Postlab fills a void, says Paul Matthijs, Hedge CEO: "Since Hedge came to fruition, we've been making workflows a lot faster and easier. While backups are a logical starting point, it has never been our intention to stick just to backup software. Postlab is the perfect workflow simplifier that lives right between creating backups and archiving your media when done. The unobtrusiveness of Postlab and its lack of vendor lock-in perfectly align with our vision."

Future Speak
The new Postlab will be a cloud service for solo users, teams, and organizations, and an on-premise solution will also available. The new platform will of course support Final Cut Pro X, but won't be limited to it.

You might have seen his tutorials already, but great news that Felipe Baez has also joined Hedge.

Felipe Baez: "The Postlab community has been very vocal about what they'd like to see next. The setup of Postlab had to be simplified, and together with the Hedge team, that step is already completed. We're currently focusing on deeper Frame.io integration, support for other NLEs, and a proxy workflow."

Call For Teams
The current open-source version of Postlab, requiring you to run your own infrastructure, stays available. The new Postlab, however, won't be open-source. Jasper: "Postlab was open source because it was funded by a National non-profit broadcaster, and didn't cost them anything as you had to set up your own servers. With Postlab Cloud, this is of course very different."

Felipe: "The last couple of months, we've been steadily building a new platform which is going live end of April as a concierge service. Until opening the doors for everyone later this year, we'll be taking on FCPX teams of 5+ users. For those interested, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

All super exciting news for us FCPX users, we will be watching the progress with interest.



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