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Final Cut Pro X libraries can grow in size, especially when you have a lot of proxy media or use Optical Flow. This $2 app quickly slims libraries down by removing unwanted files.

FCPX Diet is a new $2 app from Alex Raccuglia at Ulti.Media. If the name sounds familiar, Alex is also the developer behind BeatMark X and FCPX AutoDuck.

His new app simply removes files that you don't want from FCPX libraries. All the user has to do is drag the library on to the app and then choose what to delete from the options.

A few answers to questions here. Yes there are other apps that delete media, but Alex has targeted this for people who want to archive a final copy of a library. That is why the slightly risky 'original media' option is one of the tick boxes. 

What we do like however is the option to delete optical flow analysis files. These can bloat FCPX libraries up very quickly by the gigabyte. Currently the only way to get rid of these is to open the actual Library package (right click on the icon) and then manually navigate to the optical flow files and delete them.

We have said to Apple many times that we would like this action built in to FCPX as a menu command like deleting renders.

As there is always risk from opening up an application's bundle, the price of $2 seems very good value for an app that will do it for you.

We would also recommend you try the app out first on a copy or a test library before applying it to anything critical.



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