Need a hand aligning cuts to beats in music in Final Cut Pro X? BeatMark X from Ulti.Media analyses a song and automatically generates a marker filled FCPXML. It only costs $3.99!

Cutting to the beat can be boring task and as good as the waveforms are in FCPX (They show up for a start, unlike some other NLEs) it still takes time to line everything up perfectly.

Not that you want to cut at every beat though!

BeatMark X is a new $3.99 application that can take a song, analyse it for beats and then produce an XML to be imported into FCPX that contains markers on the beat. Clips can then be snapped or trimmed to the markers to align cuts on the beat.

Operation of BeatMark X is very simple.

1) Import the music into BeatMark X

2) Select the framerate & then analyse 

beatmar x 01 fcpx

3) Import the produced FCPXML into Final Cut Pro X

beatmar x 02 fcpx

Are you going to want to do this with every song? No. However there are other uses such as using these markers to help cut down a music track to length. Instead of bar counting in your head, this is a very visual way of looking for possible music edits.

As it is only $4, it won't take a long time to repay the investment.


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