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Final cut library manager

A new $6 application that we are rather excited about. Final Cut Library Manager not only lets you catalog libraries across drives, it also lets you free up space by deleting unwanted files safely.

Although the new FCPX Library style of file management from Apple is brilliant, we have to admit to not being the most tidy of editors when it comes to storing things in the right places. We also haven't got time to go through each Event and delete files we don't need any more. 

The new Final Cut Library Manager from Arctic Whiteness performs a lot of the housekeeping jobs with Libraries, performing tasks automatically without losing any media. The GUI looks very clean and logical, displaying the information about libraries with coloured bars representing the amount of each type of file. Priced at just under $6 we think it's a winner.


Tim Armes from Arctic Whiteness sent us some more information about the application. If the company sounds familiar, you would be right. They are the developers behind 'The Touch,' an application that added more touch gestures for editing.

Final Cut Library Manager is a great utility for running housekeeping tasks on Final Cut Pro X libraries. It'll immediately find all Spotlight-indexed libraries and display them in one window so that they can easily be sorted and searched. Libraries may be cleaned to recover gigabytes worth of space by quickly and safely removing render files, proxies and optimized media files (users can rest assured that we don't remove the optimised media if we can't find the corresponding original media files).

Another small but oh-so-very-useful feature is Open Alone which will open a library by itself in Final Cut Pro to avoid having to manually close all the other libraries first. Finally!

We've worked extremely hard to make the interface as efficient, intuitive and beautiful as possible. The free version will run unfettered and allow everything with the exception of library cleaning (yes, users get Open Alone for free...). Nevertheless to celebrate the release of this product we're offering the full version for a promotional price of just €4.99 (just under $6.00 for those outside of the Europe)!

Here's a quick summary of the features:

  • FCP libraries are automatically found using Spotlight and listed together in one window
  • Choose which drives to include
  • Sort by name, size, date or even potential space savings once cleaned
  • Open the libraries with a double click, or open them by themselves in FCP using our Open Alone feature
  • Choose to delete Render files, Proxies and Optimized Media files for one or more libraries at once
  • Rest assured – the Optimized Media files for which the corresponding Original Media files cannot be found will be conserved
  • Regain huge amounts of disk space quickly and safely!
  • Keep it running whilst using FCP to see your libraries growing


Arctic Whiteness are very keen to hear your feedback on the product. One suggestion we would add would be the ability to catalog Libraries so that you can see what files are on disks when they are not plugged in. This would save the dreaded 'What disk was that on' scenario.

The price of just under $6 for Final Cut Library manager is a promotion, the app will eventually sell for about $11. For the cost of a few lattes we think it's a great addition for any FCPX editor.