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The touch fcpx released

We previewed The Touch earlier in the week and the good news is that today, Friday is the official release date. It retails for €19.95 and there's 300 gestures free for you to test it out. So get swiping!

iPad control surfaces sound like a good idea, but they lack the tactile feedback needed to keep your eyes on the screen. Imagine how dangerous driving a car would be if you had to keep looking at the pedals every time you wanted to brake. We have heard from multiple editors that they have stopped using certain well advertised controllers as they don't speed up the editing process.

The Touch is a slightly different application. It can run on a trackpad or iPad and offers gestures to control FCPX that are shown by prompts overlaid on the screen. You don't have to find and hit a small button on the iPad. As the demo video points out "Your eyes are always on the image."

'Designed as a compliment to the mouse and keyboard, the heart of The Touch is its ability to allow users to work on their images and videos without having to constantly look away from them in order to hunt for user interface controls. This approach leads to a much greater emotional connection with the subject than is typically experienced, and is also extremely efficient. The Touch offers full support for adjusting the color board in Final Cut Pro X, and support for the most important development adjustments that Lightroom provides.'

Additionally, The Touch also provides a host of new gestures for accessing the most frequently used features in Lightroom and Final Cut Pro X, such as navigation controls, adding and removing markers and flags, accessing the video scopes, etc. – all of this without the user having to look away from their work.

The Touch is the result of collaboration between French filmmaker Vincent Zorzi and British software engineer and photographer Timothy Armes, and bears witness to their own professional experience and needs. A continuous beta-testing program throughout the development process was used to gather feedback from real users as the application evolved.

Sounds promising and the free trial will give you 300 gestures so you can put the app through its paces. The Touch sells for €19.95 (about $25) from the Arctic Whiteness website and the iPad companion iOS app is a free download from the appstore.

We are very keen to follow the development of this app as we think it shows much potential. If you've given it a try then please let us know in the comments.

Here is a video showing The Touch in action with FCPX followed by the main promo.





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