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larry jordan FCPX supermeet 2013

He was top billing at the SuperMeet in Amsterdam during IBC 2013. After putting his foot in it (or both feet) even before FCPX was released, he asks the question again, "Is Final Cut Pro X ready for professional use?" Nearly an hour long video, so grab a coffee and enjoy.

Before its launch, everybody was shocked when Larry publicly stated on video that Final Cut Pro X wasn't ready for professional use. It still remains one of the most read articles here on FCP.co to this day.

So, over two years on and Larry is back in front of an audience made up from a lot of editors. A tough gig and a tough question to ask again. We will post the video and pickup again afterwards.


A slight disappointment there as we were rather expecting a resounding yes. It's great however to see such an established industry figure get right behind FCPX and his demos were a lot faster and animated than anything we have seen from him before.

We are also disappointed as anybody who reads this website often will have twigged where Larry possibly got all his information about case studies from. 

Here are the original articles:

FCP X in Bulgaria: A New Definition of “Professional”

How Emmy winning George to the Rescue gets cut on Final Cut Pro X for NBC

Many thanks to the team including Dan Bérubé, Rick Young and Dean Cleary. We hope to feature the rest of the videos from the night as soon as we can.

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