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***Updated with Winners***

Idustrial Revolution has released a new plugin pack in their XEffects product line for FCPX called X3 Camera Transitions. Priced at $49 it's chock full of old movie, still camera and projector effects. We have got five licences to give away too!

Everybody likes to make their footage look like it was shot on something other than the latest pin sharp camera out of Japan. There are 'looks' plugins out there (and indeed built in free filters) that will age footage, but what about those much requested old film and still camera effects between clips?

XEffects Camera Transitions is a $49 pack of 28 effects for Final Cut Pro X that reproduce still & movie camera film effects as well as still & movie projector effects.

'From a simple iris to a frame grabbing motordrive; from an SMPTE leader to a full 'sprockets on show' projector film slip, this pack contains a collection of popular film and camera effects. The iris and shutters are perfect for rattling through a series of stills. Versions with freezes automatically pause moving footage through the effect for a realistic photographic 'snap' Build a sequence with all the leaders, different sized film slips with sprockets, frame twitches, dodgy splices and telecine winds you will need.'

We particularly like the motordrive and photo booth effects as they use stills grabbed automatically during the transition. This means only one instance of the effect is needed instead of having to build a series of 4 freezes and 4 moves. One click does it. A special prize to the first person to get the Zoetrope effect into any production!

The plugin uses the FxFactory plugin management system and a free watermarked trial is available. 

The custom shot demo video shows the transitions in action.


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This competition is now closed.

We have very kindly been given 5 copies of the XEffects Camera Transitions plugin to give away. To have a chance of winning one of the 5 licences each worth $49.99, all you have to do is tweet the title of this story and include @FCPdotCo in the tweet. The easiest way to do this is from the tweet button on the top left of the article. The winners will be picked at random from the tweets from now until Friday evening, so get tweeting!

One of the criticisms of demo videos is the fact that they all happen so fast and sometimes it is difficult to see exactly what you are getting for your money! Not everybody can do a $49 impulse buy.

Idustrial Revolution have produced this side by side video showing the clips and transitions against a split screen of the originals without the effects supplied.




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