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A few months on from the release of Final Cut Pro X, we thought we would take a look at what you can do or need once you've bought FCPX. Content, tutorials, books and videos all await.

Looks like there was a similar minded person in Cupertino on Sunday when we drafted this post as Apple published a Knowledge Base article of FCPX resources. We are very pleased to be listed in the blog section by Apple as "Comprehensive resource for Final Cut Pro news, reviews, and training."

With that billing we had better get on with it then! Start the countdown music even though we are not doing this in reverse order.

You've bought FCPX, now what should you do?

1) Purchase Motion & Compressor and download additional content

A bit of a no-brainer really, both Motion and Compressor are priced at $49 each and provide add-on functionality for FCPX. As you will see from following posts, Motion is the new way to build titles, effects and transitions in FCPX and Compressor is your friend for making different copies of deliverables.
Make sure you are running the latest version of FCPX by looking in the App Store application for updates, also go into software update to install the additional content available.

2) Read the Apple FCP7 to FCPX White Paper

This was published on the day of the 10.0.1 upgrade and got a bit lost in all the news coverage. Some excellent comparisons and tips in this free publication from Apple. If you've edited on FCP7 before then this is a must read. (Since removed by Apple)

3) Read the unofficial graphic enhanced manual for FCPX

You can either download this excellent publication for $1.99 or purchase a hard copy via Amazon. We have it on good authority that this is one of the most popular books about Final Cut Pro X out there. Written by Edgar Rothermich, it lets pictures do the hard work instead of stodgy text.



4) Purchase the official FCPX & Motion training books

Want to go a bit deeper into the workings of the applications? Then take a look at the official third party publications. It might be Michael Wohl's Advanced Editing book you desire or Mark Spencer's Motion book that is the basis of certification, Peachpit have an excellent range for you to choose from.

5) Watch as many free FCPX and Motion tutorials as you like on YouTube & Vimeo

Yes there are a lot of them out there but we've put together a pretty long list of the good ones uploaded over the last few months. Keep scrolling down the tutorial page or use the search box. 

6) Purchase video tutorials

So you've got to end of our long list of free tutorials and you still want more? Check out Ripple Training's reasonably priced FCPX and Motion tutorials. They were one of the few companies that had access to FCPX before it was launched, so they are a few months ahead of the other video tutorial companies and published their training materials on the day FCPX was released.

7) Watch the Color Grading Central 15 part series on grading within FCPX

We thought we would put a separate enrty for these FCPX grading tutorials from Denver Riddle. They are free but I'm sure you'll agree with us that this basic to advanced course could be a commercial training product. Essential viewing if you want to learn color correction in FCPX.

8) Download free FCPX & Motion effects

We have a huge list of free FCPX and Motion effects that seems to grow every day. You might want to try out a Tilt Shift and Bokeh effect or use a template like this gorgeous photo album simulation or classic SLR viewfinder.