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Yes more great FCPX demos to watch and more coffee to be drunk this morning!. FCP Exchange continued on March 5th at Abel Cine in Burbank. The second session of the Final Cut Pro X workshop series featured collaborative workflows and shared storage solutions. The day included sessions from Apple (which was private for the crowd) Quantum, Softron, Blackmagic, and editors Charlie Austin, Patrick Southern and David Tillman. Great viewing!


We start with a quick roundup of what was to come during the day from Sam Mestman and Andy Shipsides from Abel Cine.


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One that we enjoyed watching (and to be honest it delayed posting this article) was from Charlie Austin. He discusses trailer editing with FCPX and looks at comparative features with other NLEs. Very interesting as Charlie has knowledge across most NLEs, this is a very balanced argument for FCPX.


On to long-form work with Final Cut Pro X and this next presentation is just as interesting & informative. Archival and media sharing was key during the “Challenger Disaster: Lost Tapes” documentary for National Geographic. Patrick Southern & David Tillman explain. You may recall we featured the documentary in this exclusive FCP.co article by David 'How I learned to stop worrying and love Final Cut Pro X.'


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 Sam Mestman presenting.


Next FCPWORKS’ own Sam Mestman shows off the workflow he’s using on “Off the Grid” an indie pilot. The workflow leans heavily on the Jellyfish, the brand new high-performance NAS unit from LumaForge that was designed by Mestman himself.


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Softron's MovieRecorder on display.


Softron’s Michael Rosenow gave a sneak peek of the company’s brand new product M||Replay, which enables a Mac to capture and replay live streams. Again, we're the first to show this right here on FCP.co. Softron to preview 4 channel Mac based replay solution M|Replay at BVE


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Quantum’s Solutions Architect Nils Carson offers a free-form Q&A session with the audience to determine best possible solutions for a variety of shared workflows and storage environments.


Blackmagic’s resident expert colorist, Moritz Fortmann gives a special color grading and round-tripping master workflow in Resolve 12.


Finally the day’s session wraps up with a special NAB preview from Kevin Bailey, assistant editor for “Whisky Tango Foxtrot.” Read his workflow on the film right here. Philip Hodgetts offered a sneak preview of a new feature for Lumberjack System (which will be revealed online at NAB).


FCP Exchange @ NAB 2016 is next in the series calendar April 18-19th at the Rainbow Room in the Renaissance hotel, next to the Las Vegas Convention Center. The full session schedule and registration details will be available soon here at FCP.co and at FCPExchange.



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