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We were lucky to get a sneak preview of a very early copy of the latest new software from the Belgian developer Softron. M|Replay gives you four channels of 'live' record and replay on your Mac Pro.

We are big fans of the successful MovieRecorder application from Softron. It has become a very necessary ingredient in the production of quick turnaround events such as sports, conferences and events. They were the first company to comply with the new AV Foundation specifications and thus get the correct timecode onto clips in Final Cut Pro X. 

So when we got asked if we would like a sneak peek at their latest product, we of course said yes!

M|Replay is application that runs on OS X to provide a four channel record and slow-motion solution. EVS is of course very dominant in this market, but also very expensive, it also runs on large proprietary 19 inch rackable crates.

EVS started off with a replay quality near to VHS, but because what it did was so fast and flexible, it soon got a foothold in the broadcast market. It has since grown up to provide multi channels of near perfect broadcast HD in nearly every OB truck. Its USP was the ability to pause live video. Rather than record to disk and call that clip back up, EVS records into a RAM buffer that gets played back out in an 'E to E' mode with a few frames delay. 

That is exactly the approach Softron has taken with M|Replay and that's what makes it interesting. The output of the channels can be paused, shuttled or played back at varying speeds.

softron BVE 1


M|Replay can be in record constantly as it writes into a preset 'loop' that is set to a user definable length. No running for the record button as you can spin back to mark an in and an out and then make a new clip from that range. The movie loops can be saved as well and used as edit sources. Maybe you might make one a day and avoid the EVS "Have we still got that?" question.

As we said, M|Replay is still in development, there is no T bar controller yet and all 4 channels are ganged together for the moment. However, we can see a lot of potential in this product.

Are you going to BVE this year? If so please visit Softron's stand P41 and take a look at M|Replay. They will be glad of any feedback!  





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