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growing vines motion

Now we are not going to take full credit for Mark & Steve making a tutorial on growing vines, but people did ask for exactly that in our comments section a while ago. So read on if you want to find out how to make your virtual vineyard grow, you asked for it!

Specific 'How to' tutorial are always popular and in this brand new episode of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin how to animate growing vines in Motion 5. 

As Mark shows us, there are built in animating flourishes and vines already although you will need to download the additional content once Motion has been installed. Analysing the construction of the content is a great way to find out how to roll your own, you'll need to know about airbrush strokes, replicators and write-on behaviors.

Many thanks again to Steve Martin and Mark Spencer for the episode, don't forget to check out their excellent training books for FCPX and Motion.


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